Sod Installation company in Inver Grove Heights & Saint Paul Minnesota

Sod is the best way to instantly green up your lawn with thick luscious grass that can be installed in as quick as a day.  With proper watering, quality sod can give your bare spots or entire lawn a huge boost in a short amount of time.  While hydroseeding can sometimes be a better value per foot, fresh sod looks wonder right away and can be installed for a more modest price than many homeowners realize.

Having the professionals at J&B Lawn Care install your sod for you helps to ensure that your ground is prepped correctly, that you have the correct type of sod, and it also saves you the very strenuous task which can be quickly done by our experienced staff.  We’d love to help get your lawn looking healthy!

irrigation & Sprinklers company in Inver Grove Heights & Saint Paul Minnesota

J&B Services can help you get great grass installed, get it fertilized, and take care of the general mowing, but giving your grass the proper amount of hydration is important to maintain a healthy lawn.  You can three choices to get this done: pray for rain multiple times a week, manually rotate inefficient portable yard sprinklers, or get professional irrigation installed by J&B Services.  Properly installed irrigation can help you save you time and a lot of water compared to old-school portable sprinklers as they are set up for more effective coverage, less waste, and can be programmed around the weather or time of day.

Best Lawn Mowing company in Inver Grove Heights & Saint Paul Minnesota

Maintaining a well kept lawn on a busy schedule can be difficult and challenging, but J&B Services can help.  With affordable rates and expert lawn mowing staff, we can keep your grass properly groomed all Summer.  At J&B Services we have the equipment to handle your lawn care needs no matter how big or small.  Our professional lawn care staff is experienced in maintaining yards ranging from small family lots, and commercial businesses, to huge apartment complexes.  Our main lawn mowing service area is within 10 miles of Inver Grove Heights and South Saint Paul Minnesota.

Lawn Fertilization company in Inver Grove Heights & Saint Paul Minnesota

If you want the best lawn in Inver Grove Heights or South Saint Paul metro, our professional fertilization will help keep your yard healthy and green.  A proper lawn fertilization schedule by the experts at J&B Services will make sure your lawn is getting the targeted results it needs.  From crabgrass and dandelion weeds to supplying your grass with balanced food and nutrients, we have tailored solutions for all of Minnesota’s seasons.  A big advantage of being on a targeted fertilization schedule is the ability to maintain your results throughout the year by getting ahead of the seasonal hurdles before they become problems.

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