landscaping company in Inver Grove Heights & Saint Paul Minnesota

Finding the perfect landscaper in for your project just got a lot easier thanks to J&B Services of Inver Grove Heights.  We are a local landscaping contractor with many years of experience doing pavers, walkways, retaining walls, hedge trimmer, and a wide range of other landscaping services.   We believe that the most important traits of a good landscaper are their skill, knowledge of the local climate, experience, honesty, transparency, and hard work ethic which is why we feel we are the best choice.  Our service area for landscaping is within 10 minutes of the Eagan and Inver Grove Heights area.  Whether you are looking to get a yard border and mulch, space for new flowers and plants, complete concrete walkways or landscaping pavers installed, J&B Services has you covered.

Landscape pavers and concrete walkways are one of the biggest ways to improve your outdoor living space.  Not only will they create a beautiful look and add value to your home, but getting landscape pavers installed near Inver Grove Heights also adds functionality with our ever-changing Minnesota weather.  They will reduce mud and dirt in your home during the rainy months while also giving you an even surface that is easier to have snow removed during the Winter months.  Did you know we also do snow removal?  Our expert landscaping staff will make sure your paver walkway is installed professionally and over the right type of compact service for an amazing result that will last.  We want you to have a yard you’ll love for years to come.

Anyone who has attempted to do it themselves has found out that proper tree and hedge trimming is a much more difficult art than you think.  Over many years of trimming, we have honed our skills while growing to really love doing this tedious landscaping task.  Proper tree and hedge trimming is a very important part of yard maintenance and landscaping in the Eagan area.  On the surface, having quality professionals like J&B Services do your trimming will make your yard look a lot better, but it also helps the proper growth of your vegetation.  Trimming trees and hedges correctly helps to keep them healthy which helps growth and makes them hearty enough to thrive in the harsh Minnesota winters.  Call us today to add tree and hedge trimming to your yard maintenance schedule.

Sod Installation company in Inver Grove Heights & Saint Paul Minnesota

Sod and grass seeding are sometimes an overlooked feature of landscaping while homeowners focus on bigger design elements, but it can be very important.  Having fresh sod or grass seed installed properly really helps to put your landscaping over the top while giving your yard a great base to grow healthy grass.  With our years of experience of seeding for Minnesota’s soil and climate along with fertilizing we also have great solutions for lawns of all types.

Every lawn and every landscaping project we do in the South Saint Paul area has different sodding and seeding needs so we will walk you through how we can get your lawn looking great again.  We now also spray-on hydroseeding as an excellent alternative to using sod which in some cases is the best option for your yard.    After your grass is off and running we also have excellent lawn care services to make sure it stays cut and green throughout the seasons.

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